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What does it mean to be an interior designer?

Interior designers are professionals that create and beautify interior spaces. They can work in all aspects of interior design including residential, hospitality and healthcare. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for entry-level interior designers. But, there are some areas that require more knowledge and skills. These subjects are typically covered in graduate education programs,…

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What Is an Interior Designer?

Interior designers are professionals who create and beautify spaces. They have a diverse portfolio, working across residential, hospitality, commercial and healthcare design fields. Entry-level interior designers usually possess at least a bachelor's degree, though some specializations require more advanced knowledge and skillset. These subjects are usually covered through graduate education programs or doctorate degrees. Function…

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What Is Architecture and How Does It Affect You?

Architecture is the study of the relationships among components in structures. It includes the design of buildings, cities, and other built environments; architecture is also a part of art. The main characteristics of a work of architecture are function, form, and space. These conditions are essential to the structure’s survival and usefulness to people. Function…

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